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We are Rainier Amusements, the next generation of traveling amusement park entertainment in the Pacific Northwest. Our family owned and operated company has 60+ years of midway experience with an outstanding reputation.
We provide an exceptional midway filled with exciting amusement rides, rewarding and fun games and delicious fair food concessions at 30 events every year in the Pacific Northwest.

The quality of any organization begins with management and we are proud to have a professional management team. Our team is our #1 asset. Our commitment to having the utmost professional operations in the amusement industry starts with our hands-on owner-operator management.

We work daily to provide the safest and most memorable experience for the fairgoer. We believe in providing the best in customer service and satisfaction to create customers for life. All of our employees are fully trained in all aspects of their roles and responsibilities and customer service. Our goal every day is to create total teamwork with the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. We want our employees not only to greet and serve guests at all of our operations; we strive for each of them to be knowledgeable about every event and fair we entertain.

Rainier Amusements works closely with fair and event management, state inspectors and local authorities to ensure we have a safe and secure midway at all times.


Our experienced management team works closely with our fair partners to develop and implement plans for each event using the latest trends and tactics. We work with our fair partners every step of the way, from pre-fair planning, midway layout, marketing, safety inspections, operations, move-out and settlement. We believe in working as a team.

MITCHELL HOSS – Owner/President

  • 30+ years of Industry Experience
  • Chief of Operations
  • Ground Surveyor / Senior Lot Coordinator
  • Senior Ride Technician

Mitch Hoss, President of Rainier Amusements is responsible for company operations. He is on-site most of the time and works closely with safety officials, fair partners and management to ensure every aspect of the midway is running efficiently and safely.


  • 20+ years of Industry Experience
  • Business Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Senior Safety Officer / First Aid / CPR

Crystal Hoss, Business Manager of Rainier Amusements is responsible for human resources, employee training, insurance, DOT, pre-employment screening, contracts, and permits. Crystal is on-site at all times to ensure every aspect of the midway is running efficiently and safely.

CHRIS HOSS – Concession Owner/Operator

  • 40+ years of Industry Experience
  • Office/Accounting Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Senior Safety Officer / First Aid / CPR

Chris Hoss, Office Manager for Rainier Amusements is responsible for all office administration including payroll, concession management and compliance, licenses, and health permits.

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